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Austin Blend

Medium-Dark Roast Brazil/Honduras

i. Profile: Full City +

ii. Origin: Central & South America

iii. Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, hazelnut, plum

Brazil, responsible for about ⅓ of all coffee, uses advanced harvesting and processing systems and produces a whopping 40 to 60 million bags of coffee a year. Once thought as a primary producer of blender coffee, Brazil has made great improvements in sorting and processing. That, along with recent trends to promote Brazil’s high quality, small-estate coffee is highlighting the amazing variety of specialty coffees the country has to offer. Most of Brazil’s coffees are processed using the natural and pulped process which, when done right, imparts sweetness and complexity into the coffee.

Honduras has many of the climatic and geographic conditions necessary to produce high-quality coffee,with farms ranging between 3600-5400 ft. above sea level, and most farms residing in the northern portion of the country receiving approximately 95 inches of rain annually. In recent years, Honduras has emerged as one of the most important coffee origins in the world, and in 2011, Honduras surpassed Guatemala to become the largest coffee producer in Central America and is now the 7th largest in the world. Honduras offers a huge spectrum of flavor profiles, and the coffee world has taken notice through the excellent quality of coffee this country has been producing. The cup characteristics can run the gamut from super sweet with chocolate tones and a creamy body that works great in espresso, to tropical and citrus fruit flavors with vibrant acidity and medium body.